04 January, 2012

E-Bay Fakes: Eco Tools Brush Set

Today I got a shipment in from Japan containing a recent bundle purchase from Ebay. This EcoTools 5-pc Brush Set was one of the items in the shipment. Since I already owned an EcoTools face brush, I knew they were good quality so I figured getting a good deal on Ebay wasn’t a bad move. After examining the brushes outside of the packaging I realized I’d made a mistake.
Honestly, in the packaging you couldn’t even tell the difference. The big shocker was revealed after I took the brushes out and looked/felt more closely.
In the picture below you can see my singular, real brush that I got from Ulta a few months ago, and the 5-pc fake brush set I got in the mail. From far away, they’re pretty convincing. The only easily spottable difference is the coloring. The real brush is a color in between the darkest and lightest colors from the fake set.
Examining the two face brushes (my real one, the new fake one) up close I realized a huge difference. The real brushes’ handle has an indention so the neck can sit perfectly on top and be level with the handle. The fake brushes’ neck sits on top of the handle, protruding a LOT.
Also, I noticed the real brushes’ bristles are very clean cut and filled in, only spacing out when lied down. The fake brushes’ bristles aren’t trimmed and they’re spaced out funny.
The last thing I noticed was the burned-on logo on the ends of the face brushes. (The fake eye brushes didn’t have a logo and I think they’re supposed to have one)
The fake brushes handles were very rough and light with the logo imprintedvery deeply into the handle. So much so you can even see it a little bit in the photo. The real brush’s logo is just burned on, not so much of an imprint.
E-bay shoppers beware of frauds! It really is heart-wrenching when you find out you spent your hard earned money on a bunch of fakes.
Thankfully, I only spent about $6 on this but it’s still such a let down.
Good luck!


  1. What about the hair brush? I mean, of course it's different because it's fake, but is it soft and good to use? Because I think I just made the same purchase on e-bay for the same price :(

    1. The only one of the brushes I continue to use is the brow brush/eyelash separator. The hairs on the other brushes weren't quite as soft to me. They seemed very flimsy.

  2. You should write the name of the seller; so we can be aware ;) :D thanks ^^

  3. I was tricked into buying 4 pc ecotools brush set......on ebay
    I had a doubt dince there was no branding there so I thought I'll check
    I saw those youtube videos in which our fellow sufferers demonstrated the difference between the real n fake ones

    Although ebay is hesitant in going througb with the refunds still I kept on and on at it....n so they had to do it.thankfully I'm getting my money back....:)

    FIY I bought them through Global Easy Buy ...the name of the international seller I did not find but the reseller is i2cworld......
    I am an Indian and ebay India is just a horrible site to shop
    My indian friends and my overseas friends too....pls beware....