What Are Beauty Sample Subscription Programs?

Beauty sample subscription programs are monthly, or quarterly, boxes delivered to your home full of sample or travel/deluxe size samples for you to try out. They're such a great way for you to try out new products without spending an insane amount of money on a full size product just to figure out you don't like it. Products can range anywhere from shampoos, face creams, makeup, and lifestyle items (teas, etc.). The prices can also vary depending on the program you choose.

MyGlam: $10 a month, get a cute makeup bag (different every month) filled with 4-5 deluxe (or packette) size samples. Want to know more about MyGlam? Check out my post What Is MyGlam?

Birchbox: $10 a month, receive a box filled with 4 or more samples. Want to know more about Birchbox? Check out my post What Is Birchbox?

Beauty Army: $12 a month, choose 6 samples out of 9 provided by your beauty profile. What Is Beauty Army?

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