03 January, 2012

E-Bay Fakes: MAC Hello Kitty Brush Set

This ‘MAC’ Hello Kitty Brush Set was the second set of items I got in my Ebay order out of 3 items. The second fraudulent set of brushes. After I noticed the EcoTools brush set was a fake I decided to do some research on the MAC Hello Kitty Brush set they have produced. The first thing I found out was that they made a set of THREE (3) brushes not 6 like mine, also they came in a Hello Kitty head holder, not a case. (It’s still hella cute though, real or not.)

After examining the brushes further I noticed the handles were very plastic-y feeling. I sadly don’t have any real MAC brushes I could compare to but I’m pretty sure MAC brushes are made of wood, not plastic, and the real one’s aren’t as shiny as these are. Also, the logo wouldn’t scratch off with my finger nail as I read real logos do. (Since it’s just paint on wood.)
Secondly, I looked up an image of a MAC brush and compared the necks. The crimping of the fake brushes’ necks are no where near as deep and bulbous looking as the real ones are.

The bristles feel super soft so since I did pay money for these I will be using them, but I have to admit, the counterfeiters are really stepping up their game. To someone who doesn’t know how to do research and doesn’t know a thing about makeup brushes, they’d think they were the real deal.
Be careful out there shoppers! Pay attention to all the tiny details and good luck.

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