12 June, 2012

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer Review

Recently I received a mini Sheer Cover Duo Concealer in my Spring Beauty VoxBox from Influenster. Some of you may know of Sheer Cover from infomercials on late night TV or from MyGlam (they sent out a full size a few months back). I actually decided to give this one to my mom since I already had a full size but nonetheless, here's my review! :)

*disclaimer: this is not my image. i got it from google images.

At a first glance I absolutely LOVE the packaging. The clear case really gives it that sleek, elegant look at to me personally, it doesn't feel cheap at all. The concealer comes with two shades, a lighter and a darker shade so you can wear one, the other, or mix! Since I got the 'medium' toning I actually have to mix the light and dark together to get a color that works well with my skintone. That's not a big deal to me, that's why they give you two shades!

The concealer is actually very creamy. A tad bit too creamy for my taste. It works well enough on under eye circles but I had a pretty difficult time getting decent coverage on any blemishes. It's pretty hard to 'build up'. It more or less just blends into your skin rather onto it. It got a little frustrating at times when I would try to put my liquid foundation on top of it and then the two would just blend together. What's the point in a concealer then? Perhaps it would work better with a powder foundation. Also, I have one fine crease under each eye and the concealer took no time at all working itself into that crease making it very prominent and bright. I constantly had to blend my foundation and concealer together through to day to ensure I didn't have a bright line under each eye. (I wouldn't recommend wearing on a hot or humid day)

Another thing that kind of bothered me is the fact that this product is part of a subscription program. In order to buy this product you have to sign up for a monthly shipping program that automatically charges you and ships out your products like Pro-Activ.

A 30-Day Starter Kit is $30 for a full size Duo Concealer, Bronzing Tan Minerals, Mineral Foundation SPF-15, Studio Foundation Brush, Studio Concealing Brush, Extra Length Mineral Mascara, Base Perfector Primer, and an Ultimate Makeover Kit.

Buy Sheer Cover 30-Day Supply Kit Here

All in all, it's a pretty OK product to me. I have a few other favorites that top this product but it's a nice backup to carry along in my purse.

*disclaimer: influenster is a free program where i take surveys, earn badges, and am occasionally sent a box of free products to review for more online badges. all opinions are my own.


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