05 November, 2012

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins

These are actually my favorite items from the Beauty Blogger VoxBox from Influenster! It's so simple to just throw your hair into a bun, twist, and go.

They do have different colors to more easily blend into your hair color and for $7.29 you can't go wrong. In my opinion, that's a semi-high price for only two pins but you really don't need more than two! To use, I just simply gather my hair like a pony tail, swirl around into a bun, and place both spin pins on either side of the bun and twist in (1 at a time) and there you go, your hair is all locked in. They even held through a 1-hour pilates session!

I highly recommend :)

*I got this item for free to review in my Beauty Blogger VoxBox from Influenster

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