09 February, 2012

What is Eco-Emi?

What is Eco-Emi?

Eco-Emi is  an organic-based, sample subscription service that ships out once a month for a recurring fee of $15. This service provides subscribers with a monthly box of a minimum of 5 organic, “green”, natural, Earth-friendly products all wrapped up in cute bags and tissue paper.

The whole company is run by Christine and I’m not sure if she has many employees, or any at all, that help her out with things. She usually takes a few days to reply to e-mails but when she does you can be assured that it’s actually a person responding, not an automated response from a computer so that’s a big plus. Each bag is hand-packed and sprinkled with a little bit of confetti to brighten up the box.

My first experience was okay, nothing spectacular, but nothing too terrible. Apparently there was a shipping mishap and some boxes did not go out on time but I was never notified through e-mail, I had to find out through Eco-Emi’s Facebook that some boxes were going to arrive later than usual. Like I said, not really a huge deal but it would have been nice to be notified of a delay. Also, I never got a shipping notification of any kind, or any e-mail that my box was going out for that matter. That kind of bothers me like I’m sure it would any of you. Now, none of that is too terrible but I have heard something about Eco-Emi and one of their sample providers sending out expired chocolates in one of the boxes. The response people got about that was, “It’s still good past the expiratory date.” That’s irresponsible and just wrong to send out expired products.

Eco-Emi doesn’t have any referral or points program in place at the moment but they do have somewhat of an online shop on their website. You can look through the past boxes/bags and their items, then when you click on an item it redirects you to the main website for that item. It is kind of frustrating having to order items from multiple websites and pay shipping separately, but whatever.

Usually, Eco-Emi ships out towards the end of the month so subscribers should have their boxes by the last few days of that month.

  • $15/month
  • Sort of an online shop
  • No points/referral program
  • Minimum of 5 organic samples
  • Ships towards the end of the month
Pros:-Very personable customer service
        -Good health-conscious products if you’re looking for that sort of thing
        -Cute packaging
        -Charges through PayPal so each transaction is secure
Cons:-Very little e-mail notifications of shipping/problems
         -Takes a while to hear back e-mail wise from Christine
         -Past boxes have included items past their expiry date (chocolates)

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